Paradise Captured
A true blue lagoon
All that said, Marcus Gleinig and Graeme Whitfield - two very talented local photographers - have done the best job I've ever seen of trying to capture this perfect paradise  I gratefully acknowledge the pictures on this page which are taken from Marcus's online album.   Copyright in all photos on this page is theirs, so please don't reproduce them without their permission.  Thanks.

Aitutaki is one of those places that has to be seen to be believed.    Photographs and video can never prepare you for its stunningly blue lagoon, its brilliantly white sand and palm trees lapping water that is so full of marine life you'd think you'd stepped into a tropical fish tank!  
Location of the UK's reality TV series, "Shipwrecked.  The larger islet or motu at the front is Motorakau which was home to the castaways in the 2012 series.  The smaller neighbour Ripota featured in an earlier 'Battle of the islands' series.  Find out more

Moto Tapuaetai ("One Foot Island") - one of the locations in the US reality TV series, "Survivor Cook Islands".  Discover the legend of One Foot Island       A behind the scenes story of 'Survivor'
Three islets and 12 motus or "mini islands" are scattered across the crystal clear, turquoise blue lagoon which itself stretches for 50 square kilometres (just over 19 square miles).  But even if you can only manage the day trip organised by Air Rarotonga, the lagoon cruise that's included will give you the chance to visit several of the stunning scenes in these photos and plenty of opportunity to swim and snorkel among the abundance of marine life in the warm waters.  The photo far right is Motu Muritapua seen from a good snorkelling spot on Motu Akaiami

Aerial view
One Foot Island
Paradise Cove, Aitutaki
One of the motus
Where the only footprints are yours
Paradise found
Another perspective
Where flying boats once landed
Sunrise brings a new beauty to the lagoon
If you think this is're more right than you know!    It's called Paradise Cove and it's particularly stunning at sunset

These are the sort of scenes you'll see as you fly into Aitutaki. 
The photo in the centre is shoreline in front of Moto Akaiami where the flying boats of the 1950s used to land

Motu Miitapua
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Your own blue lagoon
Some of the other motus also featured in season 13 of the US reality series, 'Survivor Cook Islands' Find out more