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NEWS FROM THE ISLANDS     An exclusive summary
Three islands say no to lifting commercial fishing ban
MP insists same-sex relations must be a crime as international protests and tourism boycott calls against it grow
Rusting wreck off Nassau set to be sunk
Deaths prompt push for new crash helmet law
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A Russian explorer gave the Islands their name
Deserted MANUAE was the first of the Islands to be discoverd by Captain Cook
The remains of a WWII bomber lie in the undergrowth on PENRHYN
Captain William Bligh discovered AITUTAKI 18 days before the mutinty on the Bounty
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27 Nov-3 Dec: Netball in paradise
2-6 Dec: Motu2Motu, Aitutaki
Christmas in the park, Rarotonga
2019 events diary in detail
NEW Provisional calender for 2020
Also in the news:  61 years on, a former islander returns to now uninhabited Manuae to find his mother's grave

"Our people are naturally hospitable and friendly.  You don't often see an islander without a welcoming smile on their face.  And why shouldn't we smile?  We have so many things to smile about."
Local children writing about the islands


Charlie Quater
Black pearls
Unique memories are the lasting souvenirs of a Cook Islands visit, but if you're after something more tangible there's everything from precious black pearls to a $3 note!
Take the Islands home
Skull in Atiu cave
Atiu is the land of birds
Tivaevae art
The third largest of the Islands, ATIU is rated by 'Lonely Planet' as number one in a top ten list of incredible tropical paradises.  It's known as the land of the birds because of its many species, some very rare.  "Birdman George" (right) is an expert guide to all of them.  Coffee also grows on trees, a myriad of caves hide some chilling secrets, and a traditional art is thriving
Bridman George and friend