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NEWS FROM THE ISLANDS     An exclusive summary
Islands upgraded to "developed nation" status
Provervial hits the fan over"Poop tax"
Tourism impact feared as MPs extend ban on same sex relations
Rusting wreck off Nassau set to be sunk
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Also in the news:  PM claims Islander didn't deserve the environmental equivalent of the Nobel Prize

6-11 Jan: Beach Games
16 Jan: 'Big Day Out' in support of Australia bush fire disaster 9am to 9 pm at Police HQ Rarotonga
7-12 Mar: Golden ukelele festival Calender of events for 2020
This website's author reflects on the new decade for the Cook Islands
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I've created a brand new GUEST BOOK for 2020.  I would love to hear your comments about this site and any ideas for what else you'd like to see on it.  You can also share your experiences of visiting the Islands and if you've any questions, they're welcome too. 
A very happy New Year.

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Goldman Prize winner Jacqui Evans
And you should see the one that got away!
Black pearls
Manihiki sunset
Many say MANIHIKI is the most beautiful of the Cook Islands.  Its huge lagoon is dotted with 43 tiny islets.  And the warm blue waters not only teem with marine life, but also provide perfect conditions for black pearl farming.  As recently as 1997 though, it was almost wiped off the map by a cyclone which left 29 people dead and hundreds more homeless.  And at just 4 metres above sea level, climate change is an ever present threat to its future

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Manihiki from the air