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Also in the news: Islands Pageant Queen meets real royalty Miss Cook Islands with Prince Charles
"Life there moves at the sort of pace which you feel God must have had in mind originally when He made the sun to keep us warm and provided the fruits of the earth for the taking..."
From "An Island to Oneself" by Tom Neale who lived alone on Suwarrow for 15 years
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The remains of a WWII bomber lie in the undergrowth on PENRHYN
PALMERSTON is the only island that Captain Cook set foot on himself
Captain Bligh discovered AITUTAKI 18 days before the mutinty on the Bounty

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6-23 Mar: Golden Ukulele Festival
25-28 Mar: Pursuit in Paradise Aitutaki marathon
26 Apr-9 May: Dancer of the Year contests
2019 events diary in detail

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PALMERSTON is so remote, it wasn't even properly positioned on maps until 50 years ago.  And this tiny island is owned and populated entirely by the direct descendants of a British man and his wives who claim links to the UK's royal family and speak with the remnants of a English Midlands dialect

Palmerston's patriarch
Palmerston' s main street
Palmerston from the air
Palmerston children on the beach
One of the most amazing sights in the Islands is the night sky...with almost no light pollution, it's like being in a planetarium.  And now that beauty has been captured as never before.   Take a look through "a window on the universe"
Mangaia as you've never seen it before
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MIss Cook Islands with Prince Charles