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Aitutaki sets its sights on 100% renewable energy
Dengue fever cases "steadily increasing" on Raro
Seabed mineral mining 'could cause permanent damage'
Minimum wage set to rise
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The remains of a WWII bomber lie in the undergrowth on PENRHYN
PALMERSTON is the only island that Captain Cook set foot on himself
Captain Bligh discovered AITUTAKI 18 days before the mutinty on the Bounty
Two of the 15 islands in the Cooks - TAKUTEA and MANUAE are uninhabited

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Even if you're only spending a few days in Rarotonga, there's time to explore more of the Cook Islands.    Find out where it is (and isn't) practical to visit and discover places that will reward you with  unique memories to last a lifetime
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Lonely beach
Home Island, Suwarrow
"Images and recollections will be entwined in the realisation that this collection of disparate, far-flung islands constitutes one of the loveliest, least spoiled lands on earth"
Ewan Smith, Managing Director of Air Rarotonga in his book, 'The Cook Islands'
26 Apr-9 May: Dancer of the Year contests
26 Jul-5 Aug: Te Maeva Nui (cultural festival and celebrations)

2019 events diary in detail

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Also in the news:  How local banana leaves are the latest weapon in the war on plastic packaging
Rito hat
Hand-woven hats are a speciality and best described as art from the heart
Nearby  Manihiki is the centre of pearl farming

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Penrhyn (Tongareva)  aerial
Lying just below the equator and nearly 850 miles (1365 kms) from Rarotonga, PENRHYN is the largest atoll in the islands with a vast and stunning lagoon.  Islanders farm pearls and pearl shell.  And the remains of a a World War II bomber lies amid the lush landscape..itself with quite a tale to tell

Black pearls
Banana leaf wrapping for celery