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NEWS FROM THE ISLANDS     An exclusive summary
Aitutaki islet beach is in world's top 21
Grounded cargo ship could be scuppered
India grants will boost community projects
Fuel price cuts for outer islands
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Above: One Foot Island - a tiny islet in the Aitutaki lagoon - has one of the best beaches in the world according to National Geographic
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"You want to call this place paradise even though you know that word is carelessly over-used. But these tiny unspoilt islands in the South Pacific really are paradise - pure, without a hint of tourism's razzle, islands out of fantasies..."
Ann Rickard writing in Australia's 'Sunshine Coast Daily' .  Read that and more about the Islands as seen through the eyes of the world


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Grounded in the middle of Nassau, Cook Islands
Kikau hut
Young Nassau islander
Tiny NASSAU is one of the most isolated places on earth.   Neighbouring Pukupukans even call it "lonely island".  But one writer dubbed it a Garden of Eden.  73 people live in thatched huts, a wrecked ship lies in the middle of the island and visitors are so rare, some children have never seen a white face, except in books.

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Some children have never seen a white face
One of the most amazing sights in the Islands is the night sky...with almost no light pollution, it's like being in a planetarium.  And now that beauty has been captured as never before.   Take a look through "a window on the universe"
Mangaia as you've never seen it before
PALMERSTON is the only island that Captain Cook set foot on himself
Captain Bligh discovered AITUTAKI 18 days before the mutinty on the Bounty
MANGAIA is the oldest island in the Pacific

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Life's a beach in Aitutaki lagoon