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NEWS FROM THE ISLANDS     An exclusive summary
Rarotonga faces paying for water
Rusty radio mast set for demolition
Bread prices up
Queen's Representative re-appointed
'Lonely Planet' accolade for the Islands
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A Russian explorer gave the Islands their name
Deserted MANUAE was the first of the Islands to be discoverd by Captain Cook
The remains of a WWII bomber lie in the undergrowth on PENRHYN
Captain William Bligh discovered AITUTAKI 18 days before the mutinty on the Bounty
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19 Sep: Round Raro road race
26 Oct: National Gospel Day
1 Nov: Turama
22-29 Nov: Vake Eiva (canoeing) festival
2019 events diary in detail

solar powered Mauke
"These tiny unspoilt islands in the South Pacific really are paradise - pure, without a hint of tourism's razzle, islands out of fantasies, islands to dream of being a castaway, to make you yearn for romance..."
Ann Rickard writing in the 'Sunshine Coast Daily'
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Ancient Mangaia
Mangaia Kingfisher
At around 18 million years old, MANGAIA is the most ancient island in the Pacific.  It's not a beautiful island in the usual sense, but it is an island of great beauty.  Sandy beaches are few, but the only footprints are likely to be yours, as tourism is still in its infancy.  And visitors from the UK can expect a particularly warm welcome from residents who, although fiercely proud of their home, still call themselves British!

Friendly Mangaians
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Cook Islands $3 dollar note
Black pearls
Unique memories are the lasting souvenirs of a Cook Islands visit, but if you're after something more tangible there's everything from precious black pearls to a $3 note!  Or capture the essense of the Islands in a bottle with unique hand-made perfumes and oils
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