Wedding party
Wedding at the Rarotongan
Who can marry?  Male and female only.  Gay marriage is illegal.  

Are there residency requirements?  Couples need to be in the Cook Islands three full days before the ceremony to obtain their marriage licence. The Registrar may waive the requirement in special circumstances, but you or your wedding coordinator must apply in advance and a small fee is payable to the government. Application for this licence cannot be made from outside the Cook Islands

What documentation do we need?  Bride and bridegroom need their passports and birth certificates.  Certificates must be in English or accompanied by a legally certified translation.   If one or both parties is divorced, legal proof of that divorce will be required.   If you're a widow or widower, a death certificate for the previous spouse needs to be produced. 

Are there any age restrictions?  The legal age of consent is 21.  Anyone younger will have to produce written approval from their parents or legal guardians.   


Many hotels will organise everything for a price...and it's probably money well spent if you want someone else to look after the hassle.  There are also companies on the net selling "everything you need to know" guides.  But all that information is also available directly from the Cook Islands government, free of charge. 

        Marriage Inquiries,
        Registrars Department
        Department of Justice and Lands
        PO Box 11,
        Cook Islands, South Pacific

  •          Phone  +682 29 410
  •          Fax      +682 29 610
  •          Email:

The information on this page is a summary of the government's official advice.  Click here for more

From a beachfront wedding at sunset to an elaborate affair with full Cook Islands Maori costume, wedding canoe and warriors...there are plenty of options for anyone planning to marry in the Islands.  And there are plenty of companies who will relieve you of your money to organise it.  The purpose of this page is simply to spell out the basics.  There are no recommendations on any suppliers
Cook Islands wedding
Happily married
Tiare flower
Cook Islands eis
Stunningly scented floral head-dresses or eis... in the Islands, they're worn by men and women alike and  often feature at weddings
Happy couple on beach
Champagne on the beach
The deserted motus or islets in the lagoon at Muri Beach, Rarotonga are the most popular venue for weddings

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