The site author's own films and the best from YouTube
Complete guide to the Islands
Part Two
Northern Group islands
"The stuff of dreams"

Cook islands video guide 2
Aitutaki video guide
Mauke video guide
Nearest neighbour to Rarotonga.  Tour of the island and its stunning turquoise blue lagoon
Garden of the islands and another near neighbour of Rarotonga
Rarotonga video guide
A tour of the capital island and some ideas on what to see and do
Mangaia video guide
The oldest island in the Pacific with a rugged beauty of its own
William Marsters video
William Marsters
Telling, through song, the remarkable story of an Englishman who founded a dynasty on Palmerston
Jake's welcome
Jake's welcome
The islander who welcomes and bids farewell to every single visitor with a song
Rarotonga students guide
Students introduce their island
...and sing about it too

Rarotonga's flowering trees
The flowering trees of Rarotonga
Capturing the natural beauty in January

Rarotonga sunrise
Rarotonga animal charity
Esther Honey Foundation
An animal charity which does remarkable work

Rarotonga gospel day video
Gospel Day celebrations
An annual event of remarkable dramas marking the arrival of Christianity

Rarotonga tour guide, Pa
Pa's Rarotonga
Meet a unique tour gide and healer

Cook Islands dance
Traditonal dance at the Saturday market
Te Hiva Nui dance troupe

Transgender respect
Promoting respect for transgender
Rarotonga Queens strut their stuff and tell their story

Atiu actuality
A lovely little film of two Atiuan children singing and strumming the ukelele

Magical Mauke
Visitors get an insight into the island and its people

Life among theislanders who are all descended from an Englishman and his four wives

Marsters children
Short but endearing clip of Palmerston children singing about themselves

Canoe parade
Canoe parade
Part of the annual constitution celebrations parade
Cook Islands canoe racing
Vaka Eiva
The annual festival of internatioal canoe racing and family fun is a highlight of the year
Above and below the water of this real treasure island

"Once I counted the birds"
An outstanding mix of words and pictures that will really make you think about our world.   Filmed on Suwarrow
I can't recommend this one too highly...please watch it

Diving in the Cook Islands
From the easily accessible sites on Rarotonga and Aitutaki, to the remote reefs of Suwarrow and Takutea.  Some magnificent shots of some magnificent underwater life

Manihiki: 1 of 2
Arriving on the island and doing some net fishing with the locals
Manihiki: 2 of 2
A family harvests black pearls which are the mainstay of the island
Rakahanga fishing
The islanders are catching koperu
Rakahanga: 1 of 2
A rare glimpse of the island which is home to this film-maker's mum
Rakahanga: 2 of 2
More shots of this remote island
Aitutaki from the air
Some stunning views as an Air Rarotonga plane prepares to land

A mini guide to the island

Aitutaki day tour
A commercial film promoting the day trip tour which is expensive but well worth it

Cook Islands video guide 1
Complete guide to the Islands
Part One
Overview and Southern Group including Rarotonga and Aitutaki

Through the eyes of the website author
Meet the author


About the capital island of Rarotonga


The Outer Islands: Southern Group


The Outer Islands: Northern group

"Must see" miscellany


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Also known as the land of the birds...but there's much more to this island
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