The cinema in town
Day and's a beach
(Muri Beach to be precise)

Weather forecast island style
Mind you, it's always a beautiful day in paradise even when it rains

A long way from anywhere!
The Cook Islands Trading Company (CITC) .... and the nearest the islands get to a department store.  It's been part of life for more than 100 years
Boats on Muri beach
Sunset over Muri Beach
CITC store
Over to our weatherman
Avarua cinema
PM's official residence
The Cook Islands equivalent of 10 Downing Street or the White House.  This is the official residence of the Prime Minister
Patrol boat
The Cook Islands navy in its entirety!  This boat is a gift from Australia and helps patrol the massive territorial waters... thankfully supplemented by help from New Zealand
24 hour trading
Islanders often wear a single flower behind their ear....left means they're single and right means they're married (or maybe it's the other way round!)
Cook Islands number plate
Even car number plates say "Kia Orana" (may you live long)
Royal palace, Rarotonga
Empty and sadly deteriorating....the disputed royal palace of one of the Rarotonga's Ariki or high chiefs.   It's set well back on the left as you come into town from the direction of Muri Beach
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Personal Impressions
24x7 trading arrived in the islands in 2009, with this garage and local store.   But for the majority, Sunday is still very much a day for rest and church
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Dog crossing sign
Not the sort of sign you see everyday.  This was put up by the excellent local animal charity, the Esther Honey Foundation
Banana Court
The Banana Court and Trader Jack's bar and restaurant and are two of the most famous hang outs on the islands.  Trader Jack's was all but destroyed in Cyclone Meena in February, 2005, but the owner rebuilt and re-opened.  The BC has a very 'colourful' history stretching back decades.