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Type the words "Cook Islands" into Google and you'll get millions of sites...and it feels sometimes like I've visited all of them!   The purpose of this page is to suggest some of the most interesting and useful sites.  If you've got a site which you think belongs in this list, send me an email.   Note that ONLY links relevant to the Cook Islands will be considered and all must be "family friendly".   Any other requests will be ignored.  All links on this page open in a new window or tab  
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The government is still getting to grips with the internet and most sites are pretty dull and basic, and don't seem to be updated too often.  That said, they're still a good place to go if you're after specialist information.   

The main site will tell you who's who in government, has a potted history of the Islands, details of overseas representatives and some essential facts and information.

The National Environment Service has some interesting pages about its work and the national park status of Suwarrow.   Also worth a look are the statistics office (census reports, tourism figures, the consumer price index etc) and the Business Trade Investment Board (what you need to know if you're thinking of setting up in business in the Islands).  


The Islands are not only home to an incredible array of plant and animal life, but also what I think is one of the most amazing pieces of work on the internet.

The Biodiversity website is the work of one man - Gerald McCormack of Rarotonga - who has meticulously documented over 4,000 species.   And he thinks there's still at least 3,000 more to go!  Fascinating to browse, even if you just look at the wonderful pictures which are mostly Gerald's own work.  
Left: Rimatara Lorikeet

Rimatara Lorikeet
David Stanley
David Stanley to be precise...and in my opinion, the best guide book writer around, and a great photographer too.  Just take a look at some of the amazing pictures he's taken on his travels round the Cook Islands.  Sadly, David's Moon Handbooks are not being printed any more, but they're still in bookshops and available through the usual on line retailers.  Highly recommended.
And if it's truly fantastic photos you're after, take a look at Marcus Glenig's collection.  Marcus lives in Rarotonga, and as well as capturing the beauty of his home island and its people, there are also some great shots from the least visited places in the Cooks group.  The picture on the left is One Foot Island in the Aitutaki lagoon.   You can also see some more of his Aitutaki pictures on this website by clicking here.

One Foot Island, Aitutaki
Cook Islands News logo
The Islands' other newpapers are the Cook Islands Herald and its sister publication, the Cook Islands Times.  The on line editon   isn't updated regularly, but it's still well worth a visit, if only to read "Chooks Corner" (all the gossip that isn't fit to print!)

Chooks Corner
TOURISM AUTHORITY   Hugely disappointing...the site has been created by a marketing company who clearly have no affinity with or real knowledge of the Cooks.  Most of the information about the individual islands has been shamelessly copied from this site (although I suppose I should take that as a compliment!), and the calendar of events is abysmal.   To add insult to injury, they even manage to mis-spell the name of one of the islands.   I am not being disingenuous...just honest.

ISLANDS WITH THEIR OWN WEBSITES  I strongly recommend these as they're created by the people who live there and, of course, know their islands best

AITUTAKI   ATIU (as they put it ..."written by the inhabitants of the island and...indicative of the way we think of ourselves")  and MAUKE

And while we're talking transport....COOK'S ISLAND BUS  Timetable for the round the island service (just decide if you want to go clockwise or anti-clockwise)

Tairi and Neita Maoate have made learning Cook Islands Maori fun and easy (even for someone like me who sadly lacks a gift for languages!) 

The couple moved to New Zealand in 1997, determined to make sure their children were able to converse in their mother tongue.  And now they're sharing their teaching with the world through their non-commercial website.   Highly recommended!  And to both of them, I'd like to say "meitaki maata" (thank you very much).  Note that this site is now charging for lessons.

Tairi and Neita
It's the "must read" in Rarotonga.  This is the online edition of the 6 days a week newspaper, Cook Islands News.  And you can also read an exclusive summary which I create each week (with the kind permission of the 'News") by clicking here.
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Jesse Evans has a BLOG all about the Islands and it's well worth a visit.  There are some great pictures and links to her YouTube videos which are also recommended
AIR RAROTONGA   The only internal airline in the Cook Islands.  Search and book flights on line and check timetables.  Some nice pictures as well.   

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Penelope  has lived in Rarotonga since 1984 and is using her hobby of videoing to capture life in the Cook Islands.  And she does it brilliantly with some beautifully shot films and informative accompanying notes.  This is a "must visit".