Chillart Aitutaki
Sunlight reflected off Aitutaki's picturesque lagoon and sunset over it are featured in ChillArt - what is described by its UK originators as "an evolution in sound and vision".  Their aim is to match original film footage with specially composed music. 

These stills are taken from a sequence called Aitutaki Sunbeams.  The film was shot from the Pearl Resort.  Many more hours of footage from other parts of the island and its lagoon will feature in future ChillArt.

ChillArt's principal, Natascha McQueen says she "wants to take the phenomenon of 'chilled' music to a higher level, engaging the  imagination of viewers with imagery that takes them away from the hectic reality of modern life".    And she knows all about that hectic reality - she has extensive experience in the fast moving world of television, world wide reporting, documentary and features.  She's no stranger to the Cook Islands either.  She's produced films about them for CNN.

The stunning pictures and cool sounds are available on a DVD which is playable worldwide.

How Aitutaki has found fame in a completely new art form
The other footage of Aitutaki was shot on the motu called Heaven.  The stills below are from the film.  Like the ones above, they are reproduced with the kind permission of the copyright owner.  Click on each image for a larger picture in a new window or tab.

Aitutaki Sunbeams 1 - copyright ChillArt - reproduction prohibited
Aitutaki Sunbeams 2 - copyright ChillArt - reproduction prohibited
" ChillArt is all about a beautiful world, one in which time can stand still, one can wonder at the tiniest detail and imagine that your individual possibilities are endless"
Natascha McQueen - Creator of ChillArt
"On the island of Heaven... life is timed to the movements of the sun.  By sunset, the fishermen have tied up their boats and prepared their nets, and the hotel beach-hands have put away the windsurfers, dinghies, diving equipment, sun-loungers, buckets and spades.  Having enjoyed the day's hot sun and clear blue sea, it's time to reflect on the stillness and calm of the dwindling light at dusk"  
Words accompanying the "art work"

Heaven 1 - copyright ChillArt - reproduction prohibted
Heaven 3 - copyright ChillArt - reproduction prohibted
Heaven 2 - copyright ChillArt - reproduction prohibted
Heaven 4 - copyright ChillArt - reproduction prohibted
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