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The waters of Aitutaki lagoon teem with marine life.  And from November to February, they're the mating grounds of sea turtles...the Hawksbill turtle, onu taratara (left) and the green turtle, onu.  The Hawksbill is on the  "critically endangered species" list produced by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.  
...if you're paying a visit to One Foot Island!  You won't need it to land on the islet, but you will want to get it stamped at the post office which sets up there each day...a unique souvenir of this piece of paradise.  You can buy One Foot Island postcards and stamps too which will get a special postmark if you use the postbox on the island.

A rarely sighted hawksbill
Not your average post office!
When you're in Aitutaki, don't forget to say hi to my friend Aisne, at the market.  She's going to teach me how to sew my own shirt (or maybe not!) She'll cut your hair too. 

Aisne proclaims her talents
When the sun goes down, relax some more as the picturesque lagoon takes on a new beauty.   The photo on the right is of the aptly named Paradise Cove
More stunning photos courtesy of Marcus Gleinig
Lagoon sunset
Aisne the star!
Aitutaki letter box
Sunset over Paradise Cove, Aitutaki
One Foot Island
Survivor Cook Islands logo
American visitors might think they've seen it all before...and they'd be right.  Aitutaki was the location for series 13 of the reality show, 'Survivor'.   Read a behind the scenes story
Take a video tour of Aitutaki
My own film, hosted on YouTube
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(as you sit under a palm tree and dip your toes in the warm clear water!)
Aitutaki was first settled in 900AD
The name means God (aitu) led (taki)
Captain Bligh discovered the Island in 1789, 18 days before the mutiny on his ship, the Bounty
The great naturalist, Charles Darwin visited the island in the "Beagle" on 3rd December, 1835
The total land area is 18.5 square kms   (7.1 square miles)
Three quarters of the lagoon is 4.5 metres (14.76 feet) deep
The maximum depth of the lagoon is 10.5 metres (34.45 feet)

Reflections on Aitutaki
Artist, Mary Rogers
Don't just take my word for it about the magic of Aitutaki.  The Island and its lagoon has also inspired emerging British artist, Mary Rogers to capture its essence in a unique series of watercolours.   Find out more

And it has also spawned a new form called "chill art".   Its creator says it's "all about a beautiful world, one in which time can stand still, one can wonder at the tiniest detail and imagine that your individual possibilities are endless"

Aitutaki Sunbeams 2 - copyright ChillArt - reproduction prohibited
Passport stamp from paradise
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