Nancy was the second cyclone in ten days and it brought winds estimated at up to 150 mph which wreaked havoc across the Southern Group of islands.   Clearing up was still going on after Cyclone Meena as it approached.

 At Punanga Nui market on Rarotonga, two trees landed across the Moana Takeaway hut and a pareu hut next door
The CICC Church in Matavera (above) lost its roof, as did the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
With warnings about Cyclone Olaf on the way, repair work began quickly at Tereora College on Rarotonga
All pictures on this page from Cook Islands News
ATIU was left without electricity after power lines were brought down and the power station was water damaged.  The security doors at the station were ripped off in the winds.  Roofs were blown off houses and fallen trees littered the roads.

MANGAIA - the southern most island in the country - was pounded by heavy seas and hurricane force winds.   Local residents were moved to evacuation centres. 

On AITUTAKI, flooding affected the north eastern side of the island.  About 250 people, including tourists, stayed in eight safety centres on the island while the cyclone raged.

On MAUKE, some residents in the makatea were without power for a while when trees fell on supply lines

After the cyclone subsided, young islanders on Rarotonga found only fun in the waves
For others, it was time to start work clearing up even though a further cyclone warning had been issued.
At the CITC Store in Avarua (right), boarding was going up in preparation for Cyclone Olaf

Cyclone Olaf rolled in to the islands even before Cyclone Nancy had left.   Meteorologists rated it category 4 to 5, on a scale where 5 is the most severe.  American Samoa was devastated by it and the US President declared the affected islands there a disaster zone.  But the Cooks fared far better.   Again buildings were damaged, powers lines brought down and phone services knocked out.  But, what was feared would be the worst cyclone so far, gradually became less severe and then turned out into the South Pacific, missing the capital island of Rarotonga by nearly 300 miles.   

The story of the 2005 cyclones
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1.  MEENA  1st Feb   2.  NANCY  10th Feb   3. OLAF  14 Feb   4. PERCY  25th Feb   5. RAE  4th Mar
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