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Home Island, Suwarrow
The treasures of Suwarrow are not only on land.....Dr Graham Wragg runs the only company operating regular tourist trips to the island from Rarotonga. You can find out more at his web site Pacific Expeditions Ltd
No problems finding a space on the beach on Home Island!
All but the whale picture are from a stunning collection on the web site of amateur photographer, Marcus Gleinig.  I am grateful for his permission to use his pictures on this site.  He took them on a trip with Captain G.  (The whale picture is courtesy of Pacific Expeditions Ltd)    

Anchrage Island, Suwarrow
Anchorage Island
Right:  False Killer Whale (top) and Manta Ray in the waters off Suwarrow
The lagoon is teeming with colourful life.   Left to right are batfishes and a moorish idol, starfish and grouper.
East Island, Suwarrow
East Island...features include pink sand and a natural hot pool
"The highlight for me was videoing pods of  false killer whales - they are very big animals (about the size of a good sized bull) and very, very inquisitive. 

We discovered another dive site on the same trip that I have named "predator point".  It has 30 grey reef sharks in residence, 200 golden trevally, 10 chevron barracudas, plus white-tip and black-tip reef sharks, black coral and at the time I was there, five very incredulous scuba divers (actually that is four divers from my boat, plus me). 

Now a little advice for novice is not a good idea to open your mouth in amazement when underwater!

Did I also mention discovering the only site in the Cook Islands with Manta rays - gentle giants that you can touch as they fly by?"

Log of Captain G, skipper of the RV Bounty Bay


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